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Our values

Client Focus

We strive to build great relationships with our clients and focus on sourcing them the best solutions from across the market.


Our team give a candid service to clients without pretence and always act professionally in everything they do.


We work hard to deliver the highest levels of quality and performance in all aspect of our work.

Our benefits

Market-leading salary and compensation

We strongly believe in compensating our employees well for their hard work and dedication. That’s why we offer market-leading salaries and benefits packages that surpass our top competitors. You can feel confident that you’re being compensated as you should be, in an environment that fosters and welcomes salary transparency.

Work-life balance

Benefit from a company culture that prioritizes work-life balance, with flexible schedules, generous vacation time, and other policies and practices that support employee well-being and mental health.

Work from home

Enjoy the flexibility of working from the comfort of your own home, saving time and money on commuting and allowing for a better work-life balance. The office is available to everyone but we offer flexibility to work from home and often have fully remote roles available.

Actually... work from anywhere

Have the opportunity to work in different locations around the world, immersing yourself in different cultures and enjoying life to the fullest. With fully cloud-based systems and VOIP telephony, our team have the ability to work from almost anywhere, including up to 90 days outside the UK per year.

Succeed alongside like-minded peers and experts

Collaborate with colleagues who share your passion for finance and learn from seasoned experts in your field. We work as a team and use our collective knowledge and experience to bring about the best solutions for clients. No one operates in a silo and your contributions will be heard and valued.

Match your talents with the best technology

We are continuously investing in software and automation to improve our processes and make our work as effective and efficient as possible. We believe technology augments our teams’ expertise and our people are still the foundation of our success.

Our active roles

We would love to chat with you. Send your CV and contact details to recruitment@astmoorfinance.co.uk and we’ll schedule a confidential call to explore the next steps of your career.

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